Helping people in the division of assets and debts in Central and Eastern Oregon

Protect Your Financial Interests

Oregon has complex rules regarding the division of property in divorce. Marital property is income earned, or assets and debts acquired during a marriage or registered domestic partnership. Separate property is income earned or assets and debts acquired before marriage. Inheritance and gifts are considered separate property, regardless of timing. There are exceptions to these rules and determining exactly which assets and debts to include in the process is not always easy and may be contested.

Absent a prenuptial agreement, Oregon law states that there is a legal presumption that each party contributed equally to property acquired during the marriage and therefore will be divided equally.

At Phillips & Moore, LLP we are strong advocates for our clients during the property division process. We are experienced with dividing and valuing almost every type of asset, including limited partnerships, stock options and professional practices. Our experience allows us to guide clients effectively and litigate any disputes that arise.

Assets That May Be Included in Property Division

We can assist with valuing and dividing all types of marital property, including:

  • Personal property (such as vehicles, art, and jewelry)
  • Real estate (residences, vacation properties, and fractional interests)
  • Insurance
  • Stocks, bonds, stock options, and all types of private investments
  • Interests in professional practices
  • Retirement accounts, pensions, and IRAs
  • Intellectual property and family-owned businesses
  • Debts

When appropriate, we consult with accountants to establish separate property and determine the value of business and other assets and investments. We will work with you to consider settlement options and make informed decisions about your future.